The 5 Steps My Clients Take to Prevent Divorce, Emotionally Reconnect, and Create a Healthy Relationship

(without couples counseling or rehashing the past)

On this workshop, you'll discover…

  • The five crucial steps you MUST take to turn your relationship around.

  • How to create powerful emotional connection (without learning any new communication skills).

  • Why most couples don’t know about the “invisible barrier” to relationship change, and how to remove it for GOOD.

  • Simple ways to create the best relationship you’ve ever had, even if your spouse is on the fence.

  • And how to do ALL of this while tapping back into the love and passion you had in the beginning of your relationship!

Monika Hoyt, LICSW

Monika is a licensed therapist, relationship coach. She has been helping individuals and couples transform their struggling marriages for over 15 years. Known for her non-judgmental and authentic approach, she specializes in fast, radical change for life.

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